ComputingHow to Install Graphics Card in Laptop Complete Guide

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop Complete Guide

A Graphics card is one of the most important devices for your Personal Computer. That’s why you may think you have to upgrade your old one. But you do not have any idea how to install Graphics card in Laptop.

Let me tell you something about the graphics cards.

Every computer needs GPU without a graphics card. So you aren’t able to see the output of your file photo. So whether it’s a Laptop or Desktop, If someone wants a better performance of there computer, they need a high configure Computer. Otherwise, you may lose your temper for some time.

Do graphics cards matter for playing games?

Yes, it is one of the most important you need well graphics performance for playing a game smoothly.

You may be using your laptop for a while that time, it’s easy to use, and the performance is pretty good.

But nowadays everything is updated, and there are so many vital programs and Games coming every day and all of those programs made for new generation Computer.

If you want to play games like:-

  • Far Cry 5
  • Deus Ex
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

And any other new version of the game, you definitely need a high-power gaming laptop with powerful graphics. Otherwise, you can’t play that games properly.

How important are graphics cards for a professional?

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop

Suppose you love graphic design, web design, architecture design, Video Editing, Cartoon Animation, Or something like that. Then, you have to use an updated version Application to save your time and work effortlessly.

Being an updated person, you need to use the new version of the Software otherwise you may feel the uncomfortable cause of freezing.

So Now you May think.      

Is it Possible to upgrade to a new graphics card on your laptop?

Some of you may see other people playing games smoothly, but you cannot play your favorite game due to your old generation laptop. So now you think is it possible to replace graphics card?

It’s Depend on your laptop some of the company makes laptop which has a permanent graphics card and that you are unable to replace. However, some of the laptops have a removable option to install new high-performing Graphics.

For this you have to know some technical knowledge otherwise you may damage your laptop. You can follow each step of replacing your graphics card.

  • Check your laptop’s ability to upgrade a graphics card and which one is perfect for your devices because there are so many laptop models, and each model has a different size chip.
  • Remember, most of the upgradeable laptops have a PCI Slot next to the CPU. So check It first before investing.
  • Then buy a Powerful GPU
  • Uninstall old Graphics card driver and download a new driver. Then, disconnect the old GPU and Connect the new GPU.

How to uninstall Graphics card step by step?

Go to Device Manager from control fennel/ search device manager/ for Short cut Click “Windows Key” and “X” at a time.  

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop

Click On “Display Adapter” Button

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop

Then “Right-click” on your “Display adapter” button and “Uninstall” it.

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop

Now Turn off Your Device to start the second round.

How to remove old Graphics cards Step by step?

It’s a technical job. So if you are not a technical person, the best practice is not to try it yourself. But If you love to do that and have some technical knowledge, then here How to remove old Graphics cards from a laptop Step by step guide for you.

Disconnect the power cable to avoid the risk

Take a Screwdriver and open your laptop back part. Keep your screw safely because it’s important for your laptop.

Most modern laptops have a clip to connect each device to another to upgrade it easily, and if your laptop is like that. But, most probably, it’s a PCI slot connection under the graphics card, so you have to disconnect the connection very carefully to avoid damage.

Clean out all of the dust with an Air Blower Dust Cleaning machine before connecting the new Graphics Card.

How to install a new graphics card?

How to Install Graphics Card in Laptop

Installing a new graphics card It’s one of the most critical parts. If you are making any mistake, you may damage your device, So be careful. And don’t try to touch any of this circuit.

Carefully insert your GPU straight into the PCI slot. Then push it carefully on the backplate to put it in position.

If there is any clip on your motherboard, then it automatically clicks when GPU is appropriately connected.

If your GPU is more prominent than before, then you have to take place by removing any other unimportant fennel.

If there is a power supply for this Graphics, then connect it and screw it properly.

It’s time to install your new drivers.

How to install Graphics card driver step by step?

After Screwing, you have to make sure the power connection is on.

Now you may see your display is brighter than before. If not, you have to check your installation connection.

Then Download a driver for your Graphics from AMD or NVIDIA or use your Disk to install New driver. And install it step by step by following each instruction.  

Then you can check it by playing a game.

Most Common FAQ

How to improve gaming performance on your laptop?

Well, here I share some tips and tricks on how you can get better performance from your laptop without changing GPU.

  • Clean your Laptop Regularly: We know cleaning is one of the Best Practices for keeping longer your device  
  • Power setting optimization
  • Try to close unusual Apps: When you run multiple applications on your computer, it can be frizzing.
  • Check your Internet Speed: Most of the time, internet speed is the main problem for an unusual experience.
  • Turn on Game mode: Windows 10 Game mode gives you a better playing experience.
  • Update your device regularly.

Can a Laptop have two graphics cards?

In most cases, No, but If someone wants to some laptop have this option, especially for the Heavy Gamer, Graphics Designers or other heavy apps users. 

Do graphic cards increase computer speed?

Yes, Most of the time, people want to change their GPU to improve performance to get more comfortable on their job.

Where is the graphics card located on a laptop?

In most cases, It’s connected with the motherboard directly for your laptop. But for the Desktop GPU enclosed with graphics.

Can you upgrade a laptop for gaming?

Yes, But it’s not easy as a desktop.

Is it Expensive to upgrade a laptop Graphics card?

It’s Depend up to you and your Laptop Model. For example, you may use a laptop made by Deal, and their manufacturing system is different from HP and Asus, or Samsung. So you have to check it out.


I share as much information as you need, so I hope you can easily install a graphics card on a laptop. If you have any questions related to this article, write the comment below. Thanks for reading Chirac


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