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How To Hide Earbuds At Work Using Some Simple Tricks

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Some people love to listen to music when they need motivation at work. But during office time listening to music and using headphones are not allowed for most of the offices. So you may think about how to use headphones at work. Well, For that you have to hide your earbuds at work during office time. So now let me show you How To Hide Earbuds At Work? by following some hidden tricks.

Tricks Of How to hide Earbuds at work

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

There are some simple tricks that you can use to hide your headphones at work. Is there any restriction to using headphones at work?

Hide your earbuds with your hair

Some of you need to listen to music sometimes when you feel bad to work but maybe here have some restrictions to using a mobile phone or headphones during office time. At that time, If you already have long hair, you can use It to hide your earbuds from your bosses and co-worker.

Hiding headphone using hair that’s easy for those who already have long hair. But If you aren’t an owner of long hair, you can use another option instead of your hair: Wear a Wig.

Wear a Wig to hide wired headphones

It’s one of the most popular fashions for right now, so if you are trying to use a colorful wig by matching it with your dress, that makes you pretty. At that time, people thought you are a use external hair for fashion, but you could get two benefits from a wig that’s our fashion and hiding your music device from others.

But If you are not comfortable with a wig at work, don’t worry. We have other options for you.

Headbands for Airpods Hiding

Some of you are not able to use hair or wig to hide Earbuds at work. So you can use Headbands to listen to music during office time.

It’s a very useful cloth for most sports events. Remember, it’s not a formal dress, So if your office has not any dress code, you can use it easily as a fashion and hide your Earbuds. But If there is some restriction about your dress code, you may have to choose another option.

Use Scarf to hide Warless Headphone.  

A scarf is one of the most common and gorgeous clothes that make women more beautiful, so you can try to use Scraf to improve your facial beauty and as well as you can hide your Warless Headphone easily. So If your office allows you a casual dress code, that’s so beneficial for you.

Stylist Bandana to hide warless EarBuds

There is So many Bandana out there. It has different unique colourful prints and designs that you can match with your dress. Bandana Style is available for all gender man and women can try it to make them more Gorgeous, and you can hide warless EarBuds at work.  

Try Invisible Earbuds to hide them at the office

When you try to purchase a sound device for your ear canal, try to find a tiny device that can easily adjust with your ear canal. And for that, you can choose a colour that matches your skin so you can hide it easily from other people by matching your skin colour or her colour.

Hide that you have earbuds at work with Earmuffs

It’s one of my favorite ones that I use for the winter season to hide my earbuds at work because winter is not familiar to work without worm cloth, so to get the extra worm, most people try to cover their Ear with Earmuffs.

There are different types of stylish Earmuffs. You can purchase any of them by matching with your cloth. So that makes you comfortable at work during the cold time as well, as you also can hide your headphone.

Hide wired headphones with Hat

By wearing a Hat, you can easily hide your headphone from your HR Department. So during office time, you can wear a Hat. There is a variety of hats on the market so that you can purchase Winter hats, Summer hats, Bobble hats, Knit caps and other stylist Hats for you. So try to find some stylish Hats for yourself by matching them with your dress.

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 Use Sweatshirt with hoddie to hide earbuds

Some of you love to use tight-fitting Shirt that’s not very helpful to hide your earbuds, So If you want to hide this device, you have to use a loose Sweatshirt. Suppose you can use hoddie. That’s a perfect solution for you to hide your headphone. But unfortunately, it’s not a formal dress, so If your office does not allow it, you cannot use a Hoddie.


Pay Attention To your Side

As you already use your Earbuds and hide them by following any of these methods, then Be careful. Try to sing it loudly that’s not fair. In your office here have lot’s of other people and if they feel Bowring about your activity and your music sound they may complain against you at the HR Department.

Don’t try to move your head and Posture with music

Hiding Earbuds at work that’s not enough for you. You have to be careful about yourself Because sometimes when we are trying to listen to music, we shake our head and body with the music sound and. If the HR Department is monitoring your activity, you may get a warning from the HR Manager.   

Don’t try to play music with full sound

When you try to listen to music with full sound, other people can listen to some of your music sounds. You also can’t hear anything from your co-worker, or you may miss your boss’s important call. That’s not a good signal for your job.

So If you are not paying attention to your job and try to disturb your co-worker with your music sound, you may lose that job.

Phone Silent

Make sure your phone is silent otherwise when your earbuds have finished their charge, then give you an outlawed notification. That’s alert can expose your headphone.      

Last few years, during the pandemic situation, most people feeling frustrated. Because lots of people may lose their loving ones. That’s why they are not able to work properly. So to get more motivation some of the people need to listen to music.


Some of the workplaces are so busy that’s why you aren’t able to use Headphones during office period. Like, If you need to talk with your customer face to face Or If you have to do any other sensitive job like doctor or electrician, don’t try to use headphones during your work time. Because that’s can be a dangerous situation happened.

But If you are a general co-worker like a computer operator, Accountant, Admin professional, Software Engineer or any other non-sensitive and non-public job holder, then you can use any of that method that I described To Hide Earbuds At Work.

Before Using Earbuds, try to understand your office environment, rules and regulation and submit your proposal properly.

Thanks for reading, Have a Great Job.


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