ComputingGraphics Card Fans Not Spinning

Graphics Card Fans Not Spinning

A Graphics card is one of the essential pieces of hardware for your computer. It needs to process lots of data during web Browsing, Gaming, and other computer work. That’s why every graphics card’s temperature increases rapidly within a few moments. And Over temperature is so bad for the GPU, and your new Graphics cards can damage due to overheating.

So to keep your Graphics card life longer, It uses some Cooling fans to control the temperature. But sometimes, you may see your GPU Fans are not spinning. After using a long time, it can be frustrating If it’s not running to reduce the heat from the hatching.

If it occurs for a long time, your Graphics card can be damaged, So that’s a frustrating experience so If you want to know why It’s happened and how to fix it. Then read this article very carefully and try to fix your PC problem.

Why are GPU fans not spinning?

Most of the time, we see Graphics card Fans not spinning due to a lack of installation. Because Usually, GPU fans are so strong, so if you can install them properly, they can support you for a long time without breaking.

Some simple and everyday things can be happened after using a pc for a long time. So you can quickly resolve it by yourself to fix GPU Fans. So let me show you why GPU fans are not spinning and how you can fix It at home.

Most Common Reason GPU Fans aren’t spinning?

There are so many things that can be behappened and you have to figure it out to fix it properly. If you are unable to find out the problem, you may not solve it. So let me show you some of the common reasons for graphics card fans not spinning.

Normal Temperatures

Nowadays, some of the modern Graphics cards come with some modern technology. When you can use your computer normally, then the GPU Fans are not spinning within normal temperatures. It has an Automated system to turn on the fans when your GPU reaches the targeted temperatures. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Because It Maybe your GPU temperature is under control. That’s why your GPU fans stop workings. So don’t worry about that it’s not a problem. You can check it out by playing a game or running hard Software. Then you see GPU fans start Spinning.

Lack of installation

Installing a graphics card is easy, but It’s a sensitive hardware device. If you are making any mistake, it can be damaged, which means you may have to spend some more money to purchase another new Graphics card. So be careful to install a Graphics card on your computer. So due to a lack of knowledge, your fan may not be able to run properly.

Break Fans Stand

We already know a GPU Fan runs when the processor temperatures achieve a certain amount of heat. But When you see your GPU Fan not spinning, but the processor is overheating, that means it has a problem inside your CPU.

So open the CPU and check it out because your Fans can be broken due to overheating or lack of installation.

After using for a long time, heat makes the fans stand normal, and that can be broken any time, so If you see it’s dying, and Most of the time, that’s happened due to lack of setup inside your CPU. So You have to change the stand or change the old GPU Fan and replace it with a new GPU fan.

Too much Dusty

Another common thing is dusty. After using it for a long time, too Much Dust attracts most of our devices, so If you are using your CPU for a long time without cleaning it regularly.

That can be a significant problem for your PC, and most of the time, we see too much dust make a trap, and the GPU fan is not able to run properly. So to protect your pc from dust, you have to clean it regular basis.

Bearing are too dry

If your GPU Fan tries to run, but it’s failed to run, that means the fan bearing is too dry. After using a CPU for a long time, some of us may see our Graphics card fan is not able to spin, which can be happened due to bearing dry.

So If you see your fan have a connection, and it’s already clean and try to run but is unable to run properly or run it slowly, Then check the bearing. If the bearing is too dry, put some oil on that bearing. That will be able to solve your issues.

What Can I do to fix GPU fans, not Spinning?

If your GPU Fans are not spinning during the overheating time, that makes your device damage, So to fix this problem, you can do lots of things in general stages. Without having technical knowledge, Let me show you how?

Software Bug Fixing

Sometimes GPU software is not working properly due to bugs, that’s why you have to fix it. There are different ways that you can follow to bug fixing. First, you have to do a stress test When you are playing a game, but your GPU Fans aren’t spinning. So at that time, try to force them by running an Intensive hard game then check the fan spinning.

You can also try to use a benchmarking tool that can show you the RPM of your GPU fan for a different level of stress. As we see, most modern GPUs already have adjustable fan speed, which works automatically.

So Our recommendation is for you to get better support and reduce heat from the graphics card. Then try to set up Fan’s RPM properly. So to fan controls and modify your GPU Temperature easily within a few clicks, you can install Software like “Speed Fan” that will help you see the running fan speed as well as set up the RPM for different level temperatures.

You can also use MSI Afterburner, one of the greatest Software to control your graphic card unit. That is one of the high-quality overclocking utilities and easy to use. If you are not an MSI Graphics card user, you also can use this MSI Afterburner.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is one of the important things to fix the Fans, not the Spinning problem. When you try to see your GPU very carefully using your Eyes, you can easily figure out what’s going on and what you have to fix from your computer.

So If you are not able to understand your Visual Inspection, then you can simply follow the next step without thinking.

Shut down and restart your computer

If you are facing any kind of problem on your computer, you can simply restart it. Most of the time, we see after a single restart, you can fix most of the problems automatically, whether it’s a software problem or a hardware problem.

So have you ever tried to restart your pc? If not, Restart it immediately. You may be surprised after restarting your PC. Then you can fix a variety of problems with a single restart.

Because after Turning off your computer, the RAM will be clean and fresh. So when you try to start again, It’s start work with a fresh mindset. If you are still facing the same problem, you can try the next step.

Hardware Issues Fixing

If your GPU Fan is not Spinning, that can be a hardware issue, But finding out a hardware issue is pretty much a more challenging job. Some of you may not be able to solve it due to a lack of technical knowledge, so If you cannot do that, you can go to the nearest service center.

Power Connection problem

To run your computer properly, you need to supply the required power with Power Supply Units (PSU); otherwise, your computer is unable to run properly.

So when you are building your new pc, check out what is the power requirement and then purchase an on-demand power connector. So if your PSU cannot supply the power properly, you may have to change your old PSU.

Duct Cleaning:

After using it for a long time, some of the older GPU fans stop spinning due to over dust. So to control the GPU temperatures and Fans spin again, you have to clean it properly.

To clean the dust properly, you don’t need to lose the screw and separate it from the GPU Unit. Simply you can clean it carefully without disconnecting any power connectors.

So to clean the fan and inside your CPU, you can use Cotton Swab as well as a Compressed air machine to clean each and every tiny side with air pressure, and that’s so effective.

You can clean with cotton swabbing, but it’s the traditional method. You can’t clean each side using the cotton swab. But you can use Cotton swabs with compressed Air, and that will be better to clean it properly.

Oil The Fans Bearings

After using it for a long time, GPU Fan’s bearing can be dry, and that’s why it can stop fan spins. So to solve this kind of problem, you have to put a few drops of lightweight machine oil inside the fan bearing. And then you can see the result within a moment with passive cooling support like a new fan moving.

Change GPU Fan

Last list, If your fan isn’t recovered by following those methods. Unfortunately, you may need to replace the old GPU Fan and spend some money purchasing a new GPU Fan with a power connector linking to keep your graphics card safe. And this is the most appropriate solution.

So If you have already decided to replace your GPU Fan, open the screw using the screwdriver, separate the GPU from the cases, then remove the fans from the GPU unit very carefully.

If you are not an expert person, don’t do that because you can damage the Graphics card. So go to someone who is an expert.

GPU Fans are not running but overheating.

Most people are trying to do some things when they see the GPU is Overheating, and that is trying to make a cool temperature and use it again. That’s the wrong thing, my friend. If you want to fix the fan’s spinning problem, then you have to figure out what’s going on.

What makes your GPU overheat. Many things can happen. You can check different methods to test the computer, Check different PCIe lanes and all the cables to connect properly to fix it.

GPU Light on, But Fans not Spinning

When you see your GPU light is on, but Fans do not spin anymore, That means you already have a connection with the GPU Fan, and you don’t need to check the power supply unit. Maybe your fan bearings are dry, or may fan is damaged.

But If you see the light and fans have no connection, that means It’s not able to supply power properly. So you have to calculate the power that you need for your PC then check the current PSU capability.

If you are sure, your original PSU is able to supply enough power for all of your hardware. But still, have that problem. Then It can be other issues, so you can follow all the above steps that I share with you.

GPU Fans not Spinning after Cleaning

People clean their computer inside to use it safely for a long time, and that’s working fine if you do it properly, that can reduce system noise pollution.

So If you are not careful enough during the cleaning time, that can cause trouble with the PCIe connector and PCIe cable.

As a result, sometimes we see most GPUs running, but the GPU fan is not spinning after cleaning if you notice that your computer GPU fans have trouble spinning.

Then try to set up it again, carefully tight the GPU Fans Screw Appropriately, and Reconnect the Fan’s power cable. But If you do not remove your fans from the GPU during the cleaning time, then you may need to check the Fan Blade. Is it okay to spin properly?

GPU Fans Not spinning Automatically

Well, there are different modern GPUs out there. Every different GPU has its own monitoring program. Some of the GPU models need to set up automatic Fan Spinning.

But some other may spin after increasing GPU Targeted Temperatures. So If you see your GPU Fans are not running Automatically.

Then you can try to run intensive games or heavy Software to check it, or you may have to adjust and turn on the automatic fan Spinning cooler master from the settings.

Black Screen and GPU Fans Not Spinning

Well, first, you can check your Monitor cable by the plugin with another computer, or you can plug it into the GPU directly. Because sometimes we see some of the monitor PCIe power cables are damaged and some time motherboard PCIe Lane also damaged.

But If you see your Monitor get connection properly from other computers or from the GPU directly.

That’s maybe bad news for you. Most probably, some computer hardware can be damaged like memory, Motherboard, PSU, or the CPU. First, you have to check out the connection of your power supply. Is it able to supply the required power?

If you see your power supply is okay, then you have to check other components like Motherboard, GPU, and CPU. So you can easily find out the damaged component, and you can replace it to fix the Black Screen Problem.

GPU Fans Not Spinning during the Gaming Times.

Well, sometimes it’s normal you don’t need to panic. For example, maybe right now, you are playing a normal game like chess or any other game that’s are not produce heat on the processor.

That’s why the GPU fans don’t try to run It Because It has an automatic temperature control system. So when It’s needed to reduce the heat, It’s turned on automatically by itself.

But If you want to check your GPU fans, try to take stress tests by running a heavy Game or Software to break a specific temperature barrier.

If you see Still your GPU Fan not Spinning after running a Heavy Game or after overheating, try to Find out what’s the problem.


I hope you already get a solution about graphics card fans not spinning, but If you are not able to solve that problem using all the above steps, then It’s time to upgrade your GPU with the latest drivers and seated correctly. If you do not sit correctly, know how to set up GPU correctly. If you have any questions about the Graphics card issues, then you can comment below.


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