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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung comes with pretty sweet buds with good design. That will give you more happiness in your daily life. Now let me show you some of the more interesting and useful things that you will be able to get from the New Galaxy Buds 2. 


Samsung design high-quality Earbuds which you can use for whole days without any hesitation. They have multiple premium colors, so you can choose any of them for you. They also have different ear tips to make it fit with your ear canal, small, medium, and large. So whether your ear canal is big or small, you can easily bear both of that earbuds for a long time.

Sound Quality

If you are talking about the sound quality, that’s magnificent. Its sound is so sweet, and that will be able to give you Deep Bass and give you more natural sound. That will make your music time more enjoyable. If you are a gamer, then you don’t need to worry about the Sound delay. So overall, you can easily hear that sound without distraction. That will be able to give you a better experience.

Controlling system

There are two types of sound controlling systems during phone calls, Games or music time. Let me tell you about that features.

Sound control

These earbuds have some cool features that will make you more grateful. Like sound control To volume up your song, you don’t need to use your phone. You can easily increase sound by taping your Right ear backside, and when you need to reduce the sound, then you only need to tap your left ear. That’s pretty cool.

Music and phone call handling

These earbuds are really fantastic that will give you some of the amazing controlling systems during music time. You can play and pause the music with a single tap without touching your phone. When you need to change the music, you just need to tap on a bud twice. You can also receive your incoming phone calls with two taps, and with three taps, you can back again on your music to make your life easier.

If you already have some other Samsung products like Tablets, Mobile phones, and Samsung smartwatches, you can easily connect with two of your devices. And both are work automatically when you need them.

Suppose you are watching a movie on your Galaxy Tablet, and at the same time, you have a call on your phone. At that time, these earbuds Pause down your movies automatically, and after completing your phone conversation, It’s played that movie automatically. That really awesome.


Battery life is one of the most important features for each and every digital device. So this Galaxy Buds 2 are able to support up to 20 hours with cases. That means the buds can play nonstop music for 5 hours, and the case has an extra 15 hours reserve charge. That’s Enough for most of the general users. But If you need more battery life, then you may have to choose another option.


It has a wireless charging system that is better than a cable charger. If you already use a Samsung mobile phone which also has a wireless charging system. Then you can easily share the charge with your Galaxy buds two by turning on the power-sharing option and placing your case back on your phone then it will start charging.


The microphone is one of the very important for making phone calls or playing live games. So It has Mind-Blowing Microphone that will be able to produce high-quality audio for you.

Sound Mode

Suppose you are worried about the sound system. Then there are two types of sound Mode systems during the phone calls, Games or music time. So let me tell you about that features.

Noise- Cancelling

Noise Cancelling is one of the most important features for crowded areas like the Gym Market and the playground. Galaxy Buds 2 already have a strong Active noise canceling system. And when you want, you can use the noise-canceling features and enjoy your moment without any distraction.

You also can use this feature for a single bud that’s pretty cool and maybe helpful for you. During the pandemic, most people need to attend online classes to easily fulfill their attention to the class without disturbing using the noise-canceling system.

If you want to active noise canceling, you only need to hold on to your buds for a few moments.

Ambient Sound Mode

It also has Ambient Sound Technology. That’s a really great feature. So you can easily hear each and every single thing around you, like your favorite Pat sound or your other family member as well as listening to music.

To listen to background noise is more important for some time. Like when you are doing a workout on the street, you have to hear the horn of the bicycles. If you’re talking with someone during music time, then Ambient Sound Technology really helps you listen to each and everything around you.

You can easily turn on these features for the phone calls from the accessibility settings. You also can easily customize that Ambient Sound by increasing and decreasing. 

So when you need ambient sound, you just need to Hold your buds to active ambient sound mode.

To get more and more cool features, you have to go to settings and then set it properly whatever your comfort. For that, you have to download the Galaxy buds software.


Nowadays, the software makes our life easier than before. So to connect with any of the mobile, you have to download the Apps on your phone then, you can easily control more and more things within a few taps. If you already have a Samsung mobile phone, you can make a permanent widget on the screen and control everything from your phone. 


If you are a fan of earbuds, you are more worried about earbuds’ comfortability. Because If your Buds is not user-friendly to use for a long time, that makes your bower. That’s Why Samsung comes with super comfortable buds than ever before. It has super lightweight, and you may not feel you already have something on your ears. So That’s able to make sure your comfortability.

Multiple User

Suppose you love to watch movies with your friends to enjoy them properly or want to listen to the same podcast or radio show at the same time from a single phone. Then you can easily Connect both Earbuds on a mobile phone and then enjoy a single show. You also can easily control both individual earbuds’ sound’s that’s exciting. So now you and your friend can watch a movie from a single phone even if both of you need a different sound level.

Gaming Mode

Another cool feature is Gaming mode. So if you are a Pro gamer and want to play the game with a fantastic experience, then you just need to turn on the gaming mode from the settings. That will minimize the audio delay so you can enjoy that game than before.

Losing Buds

Earbuds are one of the smallest devices for us, so keeping them safe is pretty harder. So If you are wary about losing It now, you don’t need to think about that. Because Galaxy buds come with the find my buds features, so you can easily find out those tiny sound kits from anywhere by seeing the last location and playing the chirping sound.


  • Well Design
  • Better Sound Quality
  • Wireless Fast Charging
  • Light Weight
  • ANC
  • Ear Fit Testing
  • Find your Device


  • No IOS Apps to control
  • Short Time Battery life


Why should you purchase Galaxy Buds 2?

If you want to Get a good design Quality full earbuds with an active noise canceling system within less than $200 Box, you can try to get this.

Note: If you already have an android phone, then you can easily use it with lots of features. But If you are a Samsung user, you will easily share your mobile charge with buds two, giving you a better experience than another smartphone.   

Who Shouldn’t you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

If someone has s Sensitive screen, they cannot use it properly because It’s not a good choice for you. If you are an Apple user, then you can use these buds, but you may not get enough benefit from them because they do not have controlling apps for Apple devices.

Sum up

Samsung Galaxy buds two comes with great features at an affordable price. I have already tried to explain most of the useful features we need. So if you have any questions heat the comment below. If you love this review, then check its price.


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