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Apple Air Pods Pro Effective Buying Guide

Introduction Of Apple Air Pods Pro

Hey, If you are a fan of Apple Products, then this brand new Apple Air pods pro is for you. You can enjoy some of the Advance features from these earbuds like 3 Size Silicon ear tips for Easy to Fit with your ears, active noise cancellation technology, and gorgeous design. If you don’t want to read the full article, you can simply see the Pros and cons of making a quick decision.

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So If you want to know more details about Apple Airpods pro, here in this article, I will share with you all of the Good and bad sides of this Air Pod.


This Pro model design is more static than the previous version, while some earbuds are not sealing with most of your ear canal. It’s So lightweight than other earbuds, so you can wear it for a long time without any problem. This Pro model comes with three different Ear tips to quickly seal your ear canal. They also have Ear tips Fit Test to easily check if you fit it or not with your ears.

Apple Airpods Pro Makes you more comfortable during music time. Because If you want to listen to music without background noise, you can easily do that by holding on to any of the buds.

Battery Life

Battery life is most important for any of the digital devices. For example, apple Airpod Pro will be able to support you 24 hours for listening and 18 hours of talking with the charging cases.

Without Active Noise cancellation features, the listening time is 5 hours with a single charge. But when you turn on the (ANC) for special audio. Then the backup time is reduced, and you will get 4.5 hours of listening support. And when you make a phone call with Active Noise Cancellation, you will get up to 3.5 hours of talking time with a single charge when you need to listen to music and haven’t charged on your headphone. You can simply charge it for five minutes to get more than one hour of listening time, and you can share the charge from your iPhone easily. That’s crazy.

Check Charge Percentages

To check its charge percentages, you can use a variety of ways to let me show you how you can check your charge.  

First of all, you can check it from your charging cases. There are two status lights, one in front of the issues, and the other is inside the cases that will show you whether the charge is full. So when your cases show you Greenlight, that means it’s fully charged, but if it’s amber, that means it’s have not enough charge.

Secondly, you can check the battery percentage from your Apple Mac, MacBook, and iPhone. To see the percentage of charge from iPhone. Open the AirPods cases, hold it closer on your iPhone, and wait a moment. It will show both of your cases and Buds charge percentage on your phone display automatically 

Third ways If you are already connected with your phone, then you can see the percentage of air pods pro battery from the control center where you can control the music.

Another way you are also able to check the battery Life from your apple watch is by swiping up your watch display and entering the control center, and after that, click on the battery icon. You also can click the backside switch and see the red and green lights.


To charge your Airpods Pro, they will give you a USB C-Port to charge it if you don’t want to plug it with the charger, so you don’t need to connect a USB Cable with your cases. In addition, it has a wireless charging system, so you can easily charge it without a charging cable connection.  You also can share your phone charger with your Airpods pro. That’s pretty good.


Apple Air Pods Pro

It’s able to transfer your voice so clear and dynamic. Because Apple always tries to make sure the product quality and the user benefit. As a result, the Microphone Quality is really great. You can easily make a friendly conversation with your client without hesitation. During the online live session, you also can use these earbuds to produce a clear voice for your audience.  

Sound Mode

It has an easy sound system to give you customizable sound whatever you need. It has two sound modes that are Noise cancellation and transparency mode. Let me tell you both of the modes.

Noise- Cancelling

This New Airpods Pro is able to give you immersive sound by activating the Noise cancellation system so you can listen carefully to any audio. And you don’t need to worry about missing any single base or topic. If you are an Audiobook lover or a regular podcast listener, that will be very helpful for you. You can enjoy the deep listening experience. So for Active Noise cancellation mode, you only need to simply hold on to any of your earbuds with your two-finger.  

Transparency Mode

Airpods pro offers Noise cancellation mode and gives you Transparency mode to hear background noise. This is one of the great features for some of you. For example, if you are doing the workout, you need to hear background sounds to walk on the street safely.

Sound Quality

It’s able to produce dynamic sound quality. So you don’t need to worry about missing any single base of music. The sound quality is one of the most important factors for a headphone user. If your headphone cannot produce a quality sound, you may lose your temper. So to get a better sound quality from an earbud you can try Apple Airpods Pro.

Customizable Fit

Apple Airpods pro has Three sizes of Silicon Ear tips: Large, Medium, and Small, so you can easily customize whatever size you need for your ears by running a Fit Test from your phone.

Controlling system

It has an easy controlling system to make your life easier. For example, when you use Apple Airopd pro and listen to music, press One time to play music from the playlist. And to Change the song without touching your phone, simply press two times to listen to the next song from the playlist.

If you want to hear the same song again, press any of your earbuds downside three times, then play that song again. 

Lastly, when you want to listen to a previous song, you just need to press any of the earbuds Four times. That’s such a simple controlling system.

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Sound control

The H1 Chip works to produce high dynamic superior sound so you can listen and control your music sound without touching your phone.

Special features

Apple has one of the interesting features that are live listening. That means you can listen live anything around your side even If you are not present at that place. So, for example, suppose you have an important meeting in your office, and during that meeting time, you may need to go outside to take a bath. 

At that time, listen to each discussion from the meeting room. For that, You just need to connect your phone with Airpods as a microphone. So simply swipe up your phone go to live to hear features, and turn on live hear. Now you can easily hear other conversations without recording.

Media Sharing

Suppose you are a student and living with your friend in your college hostel. That means you already have some of the experience of watching movies with your friends to enjoy together. 

But If you want to do the same things using headphones, you may not be able to do that before. 

Now Airpods Pro comes with media sharing, so you can easily connect two sets of AirPods with your mobile phone to share media. That’s pretty cool.

Losing Buds

Wireless earbuds are so small that’s why they can easily be loose anywhere. But If you are using Apple AirPods, you don’t need to worry about that. You can simply find out your apple device, including headphones, by using find my Apps. For example, suppose you lose your wireless AirPods and want to find out that. So go to Find My Apps and see all of your devices. Next, select your AirPods pro and then see the location. After that, play a sound to find your devices.



Who Need Apple Airpods Pro?

Well, It depends upon you. If you are a New generation Apple user and love to upgrade your wireless headphone, then you can get this.

If you are want to purchase true wireless earbuds, Apple produces an Airpods pro for you. So you can purchase this new generation headphone from Apple.

If you want to purchase earbuds with water and sweat resistance, you can choose these headphones. You can enjoy walking in the rain and snow with your apple pro without any hesitation. 

How do I make and answer phone calls with Airpods Pro?

It’s easy to Manage your phone call without touching your phone. When you need to make a phone call, just Say your personal assistant Siri something like, hey Siri, call Joshi then within a few seconds, it makes a call for you.

If you Have a phone call and want to answer without touching your phone, just set up Siri to announce the caller’s name. You can Receive or decline a call with your voice.

Can I use Siri with Airpods Pro?

Yes, You can normally use every feature of Siri with this Airpods Pro, like making phone calls, answering other calls playing songs, listening to podcasts,s and whatever you need.

Sum up

Lastly, I want to tell you If you are an Apple fan, enjoy most of the Airpods Pro features, and are ready to spend more than Two hundred dollars. You can get It without hesitation. But If you have a tight budget and want to get more battery life with a low budget.


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