Electric Water HeaterWhat Are Tankless Water Heaters Better

What Are Tankless Water Heaters Better

Nowadays there are different kinds of water heaters on the market like Tank water heater and Tankless water heater. And some of you may think are tankless water heaters better? But, on the other hand, some other people may think are Tank Water heaters better?

Water is one of the most important for human life for Drinking, washing, and Showering. But During the cold winter session, using water is such a hard job for all of us. So at that time to save our lives and keep us healthy, the Water heater is one of the most important elements for most of the houses, especially for the winter sessions because Cold weather makes water icy.

Now I will show you The pros and cons of both storage tank water heaters as well as the tankless hot water heater.

Why Are Tankless water heaters better than a Tank Water heater? 

Because it will provide more water better than a traditional storage-tank water heater and more energy efficiency.

And Why a storage-tank water heater is better than a tankless water heater?

Storage Tank heater is better because its installation cost is lower than tankless heaters and its storage hot water so you can easily shower without waiting.

So let me tell you more details about both of the water heating systems and compare which one is best. 

The tankless Water heaters are one of the newest addition in the water heater industry. And day by day, the popularity of tankless heaters is rapidly increasing.

Because It’s Time efficient, Quick water supply, Space Savings, energy savings, Long life support heaters.

Space Saving

A tankless heater is used small size powerful heat exchanger system to provide unlimited hot water. It doesn’t require a tank to store hot water. That’s why it’s able to save your space, and you can set it up in any small area.

On the other hand, If you are using a storage-tank water heater, then it requires extra space to set up the tank. So If you want to save your space and make your house more gorgeous, then you have to use a tankless heater.

Low Risk of Leaks and Water Damage

When someone uses a storage-tank water heater, it has some risks to getting Damage or Leak. But If you are a user of a Tankless heater, then you have Zero Risk of Leaks because the tankless unit has not had a tank for leaks.

Low risk of burns and Exposure to Toxic Metals

You can use a tankless heater without burns risk. A tankless heater is able to provide you with endless hot water with zero risk of burns. At the same time, If you are using a Storage water heater, then It has to store hot water. When the hot water temperature increases rapidly Then can be burned. But tankless heater has not a tank to store hot water. It’s heat water instantly and supplies hot water instantly without storing it. So as a result, It reduces the risk of burns.

Is Tankless water heater Time Efficient? 

The answer is Yes. When you are using tankless water heaters, at that time, you can get hot water instantly without wasting your valuable time.

On the other hand, when you are using a general Tank water heater with a giant tank. Then you are not able to get hot water instantly. So You have to waste your time to hot full tank water and then supply it for you. So If you think about your time, then I prefer a Tankless water heater is best for time savings.

Do tankless water heater energy efficiency?

If you are thinking about energy efficiency, then a Tankless water heater is one of the greatest options for you. According to Energy Gov Reports Tankless water heater is able to save more than 24% to 34% more energy than a traditional water heater.

That means It’s energy-efficient and can save more than $100 annually for less than 40-gallon daily users because it doesn’t need to heat extra water more than your demand.

But If you are thinking about a Tank water heater, then it needs to storage tank full of heat water. That consumes a lot of energy and waste of energy.

That’s why If you don’t want to waste your money on energy purposes, then you can use Tankless water heaters.

Do Tankless Water heaters increase electric bills?

The answer is typically difficult for some time because If you have used It for a Long time, you have to pay more Bill than Traditional Water heaters.

Otherwise, It doesn’t need to store hot water for supplies like storage water heaters, and It doesn’t need to use energy. So that means Tankless water heaters are not increasing electric bills.

How long does hot water last in a tankless water heater?

If you think about tankless water heaters being better than a traditional water heater, then you have to compare both of the water heaters’ life span. Most of the storage tank water heaters last approximately 10 to 12 years that’s pretty good. But, on the other hand, Tankless water heaters last more than tank-style water heaters, and that is more than 20 years. So Investing money in tankless heaters is really a great investment for you.

Should I turn off the Tankless water heater if the water is off?


You don’t need to worry about that because It works only when you need hot water otherwise, these tankless units are not working to waste your energy. But If you compare it with the storage tank water heater, you may see its heat water every signal day and increase your energy costs even If you are on vacation.

Do Tankless Water heaters have a Thermostat?

Tankless heaters use adjustable heaters nowadays to control Water temperature and provide you with warm water during shower time. If you are want to find out the thermostat, then follow the manual guideline.

Some of that thermostat may be inside the heater, and some of them are outside the eater. Some modern heaters use the digital display to set up your needed temperature. All of that depends on the model. 

How Many Showers can a tankless water heater run?

Well, It depends on the size and the capability of your heaters. If you use a tankless heater that has the capability of 7 gallons of water flows per minute. That can support Two Shower.

If you try to use more than two using that heater, you may not get a hot water supply properly if you use an extended size of the tankless heater, which can supply more than 7 Gallon per minute. Then you may get more support.

Does a tankless water heater have a pilot light?

Gas Tankless heaters use a Pilot light during the water heating time, which throws water inside the tap, produces heat, and transfers hot waters for you.

It is also useful if you are facing any kind of problem with your water heater. Then, you can check the electric and gas problem using visual pilot light and by inspecting your electric circuit breaker.

Can a tankless water heater work for the whole house?

Yes, It can, but every tankless heater is not able to support your whole hoses.

There are different types of tankless heaters out there and also have a variety of sizes. You can use natural gas tankless water heaters and also you can try Electric tankless water heaters both of them has there own heating system.

Both of the tankless water heaters work for the whole house. But It depends on your house members and which size you choose for your family.

How many tankless water heaters do you need in a house?

In most cases, One Tankless heater is enough for a whole house. There are so many sizes available on the market for a variety of needs. If you need more than 85 Gallons of Water a Day, you can purchase a long-size tankless water heater.

If your House Is Too long, you may need more than one tankless heater because otherwise, you cannot satisfy your family with the hot water flow speed.

Is it expensive to switch to a tankless water heater?

Are Tankless Water Heaters Better

The price of the storage Tank water heaters and between tankless electric water heaters is the same, but If you are thinking about Gas Tankless water heaters, then you may need more Extra money for the natural Gas water heater. That’s are more than $1000, that’s pretty much expensive.

Is it expensive to install a tankless water heater?

Installing tankless water heaters is more expensive than a tank water heater. That can be more than 200% expensive than tank water heaters.

Most of the time installing a tank water heater, you may need to spend around $800 to $1500 people has to spend for the plumber to set up a water heater.

So If you are talking about a Tank unit water heaters, you may have to pay a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $ 2000 as an installation cost. If you want to pay with an hourly rate, then you have to pay around $40 to $150.

But when you want to install a Tankless heater, you may need to pay more than the traditional ones, and that installation costs around $400 to $2600, and the hour’s rate for this job is around $100 to $400 that’s Expensive.

But If you compare it with the life span and the energy efficiency, then you may see it’s not expensive for a long time.

What is the downside of tankless water heaters? 

If you compare a tankless heater with a traditional tank water heater, you may see most of the opportunities available on tankless heaters. The tankless water heater advantage is it’s an on-demand water heaters you will be able to get instant water according to your demand.

At the same time, it has some downsides that are are.

  • Higher cost of installation
  • Take longer to deliver hot water
  • No Access to hot water during a power outage

How often should I Flush My tankless water heater?

After using a long time without washing, your water heater can be accumulated with mineral build-up. That Mineral can damage your heater chamber if you want to keep saving your heater and want to improve its long life span. Then you have to Flush It a Minimum of one time for a year if you are capable of plashing it more than one to keep it safe.  

What is The best temperature for a tankless water heater?

The best temperature is 120F to 140F temperature is best for, on ordinary general people. If your house has kids, then you can try 120F. That’s good for kids. But If there have no kids, then you can raise the temperature as your wish 130F to 140F that’s your decision.


Lastly, If you want to know, are tankless water heaters better? The answer is yes. It’s better because It has lots of opportunities than a traditional storage tankless water heater. So before being a water heater, you have to think about the long-time support and It will able to save your $100 every year against energy.

So I hope you can consider the My opinion about the tankless water heaters if you have any questions heat the comment below. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!!


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