etechplan is a tech company founded in 2016. We are three friends together came up with an idea to develop a company where we could innovate new software, applications, and tools for helping business. We failed.

We were working to build a SaaS company later. Especially apps, themes, plugins, scripts would be our key products. We failed again. We left the ground and started job.

A few years back I personally started the company with some dedicated writers. I invested in articles, tools, teams, and time. Yes, finally I found something that can be helpful for people and business. I never give up my dreams. I am strong and dedicated.

As a Computer Science graduate, I know technology, innovations and algorithm. I read many articles on human psychology, their online behavior and purchase intent.

2020 year make people aware about future business, marketing and industry. Though COVID grasped our economics and normal life, it shows opportunity for tech industries. When people stay at home, they consume digital platforms in a massive way.

Thus it helps to me come back again and start something new what can help people through information.

So, Etechplan provides tech buying decisions, tech news, reviews, troubleshooting, tips, etc. about new innovations & products. We bring innovation to human well-being.