GadgetsHow To Clean Wireless Earbuds Unlimited Guide

How To Clean Wireless Earbuds Unlimited Guide

Earbuds are not like giant headphones. That’s why Cleaning Wireless Earbuds It’s slightly different from headphones. It’s Small, easy to bear, and more comfortable to use. Many people think how to clean wireless earbuds.

But the problem is it’s a bit sensitive than a headphone.

What is that?

Let’s talk about the earbuds issues. When you start using an earbud, Its performance is fantastic, but after a few days, you feel some problems like sound missing, some of the music lyrics missing, or uncomfortable to use.

When Earbud is full of dust, you may feel the wax problem. At that time, you can miss some of the sound or music lyrics suddenly.

Do you know why it’s happened?

When you use it for a long time, like an hour or few hours on your ear that time you probably feel it’s heated after using it for a long time. That’s why all of your ear wax start milting and attract your devices.

And Some of the people doing exercise, Playing on the ground regularly, that’s good for health.

But be careful when you are doing exercise most of the time. You are sweating, which is not suitable for your device. It’s a trap for dust and can damage your devices. So it’s time to clean your devices.

Because every people know the wax is standard in our ears, but it’s not suitable for Wireless Airpods. Because after using a long time, your Earbud can be heated, and it’s one kind of trap for earwax. It melts and settles on the earbuds.

Keep in Mind, To keep clean your devices first of all, you have to clean your ear.

Use a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil to soften the ear wax.

And use few drops of warm water with Eyedropper. Then, after twenty to thirty hours later, when ear wax is softened, use a cotton swab to clean your ear canaled.


How to clean earbuds?

How To Clean Wireless Earbuds?

Now I will show you how to clean your earbuds and keep them for a long time.

What Equipment You’ll Need to clean your sound device

  • A Baby Toothbrush
  • Cotton swabs
  • A Soft cloth
  • 70% alcohol wipes

Clean It weekly basis for a better experience with soft cloth and alcohol wipe. This will help to remove wax, Grim & Dust.

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How To Clean Samsung Wireless Earbuds

How To Clean Wireless Earbuds?

Galaxy Buds is one of the most popular earbuds at this time. If you have a set of Galaxy earbuds, you have to take care of it for a better experience.

  • Use it when you are in a dry condition otherwise you may lose its long life.
  • Be clean it before putting on charging cases.
  • Don’t try to force when you try to remove it from the tip otherwise, it can be damage.
  • Try to clean Galaxy Buds tip and mesh one time a week.

Bonus Tips: When you clean your Headphone properly that only sound better but also last longer. That’s why I share Some of my tips and tricks below on how you can clean your Samsung wireless earbuds appropriately.

Always avoid metal and wire brushes to clean your Earbud otherwise, it can damage your earbuds.

To removing earwax from your galaxy earbuds, use a piece of a dry brush to clean oil from the mesh. And clean inside the tip with a soft cloth.

Clean the charging case with a cotton swab.

When you finish your cleaning step, attach the tip properly and cover the latch at the bottom of the galaxy buds.

Note: Try to dry your earbuds using an air dryer when you are sweating.

How to clean your true wireless earbuds?

For these earbuds is the exact requirement as previous devices. I said before for other wireless earbuds cleaning, but you have to follow an extra cleaning practice: Sanitization of your earbuds case.

When you complete your cleaning process, try moving on the case, sanitizing it, and then dry your devices and case. Don’t try to use or charge it instantly before it dry. Put buds in the case when it’s dried properly. And that’s all for

How To Clean Apple Wireless Earbuds?

How To Clean Wireless Earbuds?

If you are a fan of apple don’t worry. We have solutions for apple device users. This process is similar to other earbuds, But it’s an extraordinary device that I like very much.

Don’t try to wear your warless Earbud if it is dirty. Because it’s harmful to your health and you can’t hear properly. Clean your apple wireless earbuds, and it’s not complicated. Let me show you how you can clean your earphone or headphones?

  • To clean your apple wireless earbuds, use a clean, soft, and dry cloth to wipe away oil, wax, and dust.
  • You don’t need to use aerosol spray. It’s not good for your listening devices
  • Store your Earbud in your apple airpod cases to keep and protect from dust and bad weather.
  • Don’t try to store other things with your Beats in your case.
  • Store it in a clean and dry place and avoid Nasty weather (Heat, Raining, Cold, and sunlight)

Some of you have sensitive skin, so here are some tips for you if you are the same one.

Wear your AirPods to the right fit.

When you are using some kinds of oil, makeup, sunscreen, etc, and sweating, that is the main cause of skin irritations.

So keep clean and dry your listening devices and your skin to overcome that problem and fill more comfort. 

Pro tips:

  • If your ear tips appear dirty, don’t try to use a wireless earbud first keep your ear clean.
  • To clean your ear, Don’t try to use Soap or damp cloth on the ear cup use a cotton swab.


Tips to Keep Your Earbuds Clean Longer

  • Most of the time, we are not following the instruction of our devices to keep safe. First of all, you have to put your Earbuds in their case when you are not using them. But usually, plenty of time people try to put their Headphones and earbuds into their pocket or your bag without cases that’s not a good practice.
  • It would help if you Had to clean your earbuds cases otherwise, dust can disturb charging.
  • Use a Microfiber cloth with a bit of alcohol to clean your Case and Headphone. It’s so essential for earbuds charging case longevity.
  • Nowadays, some earbuds are water-resistant, but keep in mind that if you are using one like this, don’t try to keep it water for a long time because it can be damaged quickly.
  • Don’t try to use Earbud when you are sweating, like doing a workout, gym, or something like that. If you are sweating when using wireless earbuds, try to dry them with your direct air-dry heat.

That’s all for now.

I hope you understand now and get enough knowledge of how you can clean wireless earbuds. So if you have any doubt, please comment below your question.

Enjoy your Devices and take care of yourself, Have an incredible journey.


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