How-ToHow to adjust temperature on Electric hot water Heater

How to adjust temperature on Electric hot water Heater

In the time of winter, no one likes taking a cold shower. Suppose you can not set the perfect temperature on your electric water heater. In that case, it is very uncomfortable for you because perfect hot water is essential for your safety and saving money on your electricity bill. Now, I am talking about how to adjust temperature on electric hot water heater and gas water heaters If you can adjust the temperature on your Electric Water Heater, you can save energy, money and skin.

Correct Temperature Range

Hot water can be prevented many diseases. The occupational safety and health Administration (OSHA) recommends that the Water Heater be set at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees celsius) to minimize the swelling of legionella and other microorganisms. Too Hot water is more dangerous, especially if you have children around The house.

At 150 Degree Fahrenheit and 66 Degree celsius only take two seconds to undergo third-degree burndown. The consumer products safety commission ( CPSC) recommends settings the water Heater at no more than 120 Degree Fahrenheit (49 degrees celsius) to check to scald. Naturally, If you setting the temperature is too high, it will unnecessarily increase your electricity bill. 

Though every house is made in different type, if you keep your water heater temperature is too high, you maybe lose your faucet pipes. So you have to keep your water Heater temperatures at 120 Degree Fahrenheit or 49 degrees celsius. It knows that the temperature keeps staying within the range of 120 to 140 Degree Fahrenheit and 49 to 60 Degree Celsius.

Adjust Temperature Electric Hot Water Heater

Step 1: Turn of the power

This is the first when you adjust electric hot water heater temperature on an Electric Water Heater. It is the best way to keep yourself safe your self from any electric shock. You have to find out the Circuit Breakers that control your water Heater and slip them OFF position. 

Step 2: Removes The water Heaters Cover

Now, You need to remove both the thermostat and heating element cover and need a Phillips head screwdriver for this work. When you out these covers, then you gently take aside the insulation to expose the thermostat. 


Step 3: Within Touching or Moving Any of the Wires, Press the RESET Button

You have to finish this work Within Touching or Moving Any of the Wires. Press the RESET Button and take a flathead screwdriver to order the knobs that control water Heaters Temperature.

120 Degree Fahrenheit is the best temperature for your home. Neither it is too hot nor too cold. Nevertheless, if you think you are not having enough hot water, change it to 130 Degree. 


Step 4: At on time, you have adjusted the temperature, Alternate the insulation, alternate the covers and secure those with the screw or the Bolt. Turn over the breakers to turn the water heater.

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How to Adjust Temperature Tankless Water Heater

Adjusting a Tankless water heater is several adjusting the thermostat for your air conditioning. A digital control panel is used to adjust the temperature, which can be ups and downs needed. If your water heater has two thermostats, you have to adapt both to the same volume. 

If you increase that adjustment, you have to wait the least three hours before testing the hot water temperature once more. 

This is very easy any simple adjustment in your water heater temperature. If you want, you can do it on your own. After doing this, you will understand hat how easy, quick and straightforward it is. You can get refreshments of your own.

You will have to matter adjusting the temperature or give more hot water or if water is not hot perfectly. Then what are you doing at this time? Don’t try again and again, and don’t poke it repeatedly. If you feel you can’t do it perfectly, you contract customer care service or call a plumber who is experienced in this work and a professional who can repair your Electric hot water Heater.


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